kids meeting firefighter

Maud High School

300 East Young Street

Maud, Oklahoma 74854-0130



The coaches are the first ones on the scene, they will administer first aid and send for the Administrator or Athletic Director that is in charge of the event. The Athletic Director/Administrator in charge will be considered the medical administrator.

The Medical Administrator will:

Contact Police at 405-765-8648

Monitor the Athlete and continue first aid

Instruct the assistant coach to contact parent

If EMS is called, student will be transported to Seminole Hospital unless the parent requests otherwise.

Ride in ambulance with student unless parent is available

Our police department and our volunteer fire department are our first responders, they will be on hand or on stand by for all athletic events.

Our Athletic fields are located in Seminole County and the Seminole County Emergency Medical Services Providers will be the ones to be used In an emergency situation.